Ventisquero Winery

Since 1998, we have been imagining and making ground-breaking wines. True to our philosophy of going “a step beyond”, we create modern, avant-garde, high-quality wines and we take care of the environment at each and every stage of our production process. We own our own vineyards in Chile’s principal wine producing areas: Coastal Maipo, Casablanca, Colchagua, Leyda and Huasco. We have watched each of our vineyards grow and mature in noble terroirs. Harvest after harvest they have delivered wines with character and class.

Our winemakers spend each and every day developing and creating great wines, thinking about the great moments when they will be consumed and always thinking about the food they will be accompanying. Whether they are to be enjoyed with lunch or at a sophisticated meeting, you will find that every bottle will pair beautifully with a wide range of cuisine and that the fruit and the origin of the wine will shine at the event. At the core of our winemaking is care for our vineyards. We have watched them grow centimetre by centimetre. We study and take care of them so as to ensure that each bottle faithfully represents its noble origins. We therefore only use technology when we believe it will help us make great wine. We are motivated to work in harmony with our environment. We seek to respect nature and to minimize our impact on it.

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